Deep Water

The author has dwelt on the fear of water or aqua phobia in this story. He has described in detail the writer’s fear of water and how he finally gets over it. The story unfolds the incident in which the author got almost drowned in the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool while he was young. He had developed the fear of water at an extremely young age during his visit to a beach in California with his father. The huge waves there had swept over him and left him buried in water.

He started going to Y.M.C.A. pool in order to learn swimming. One day, while he was sitting by the side of the pool, a muscular teenaged boy threw him into the deep end of the pool. Terrified, he at once sank to the bottom of the pool. He struggled hard to come to the surface, but some force seemed to be pulling him down. His legs were paralysed and his heart was pounding.

That traumatic experience shadowed him with an incessant fear of water and he did not even go near it for many years. Eventually, he decided to shed this fear and engaged an instructor who could teach him how to swim. The instructor gave him thorough training in swimming as well as in breathing under water.

The writer emerged out of his fear but the memories of that old incident still haunted him. In order to completely eliminate his fear, he once went to Lake Wentworth, dived into it off a dock at Trigg’s Island and swam two miles across the lake. He ultimately defeated his fear of water and emerged a winner.

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