Evans Tries an O-Level

Evans, known as ‘Evans the Break’, has a record of escaping from the prison three times. He is very keen to get some sort of academic qualification while he is in jail. For this he wants to write an O-level examination. A German teacher comes to teach him for ten months. Then he takes the exam in the prison cell.

He has badly wounded the person behind the cell. The parson tells the governor he knows where Evans is. He is, therefore, sent in a police van to look for Evans. However, since the parson is bleeding profusely, he is taken to the hospital. Later, it is found that no wounded person had come to the hospital. Obviously, the parson was a fake.

In fact, Evans does not escape in the guise of a parson. He stays in the prison and dupes the entire staff. The blood that flows from his head was the pig’s blood which was brought in by McLeery when he had come for invigilation. Similarly, McLeery was not a parson. The real McLeery had been gagged and tied up inside a room by Evan’s cronies.

Later, the governor catches him in a hotel room. He handcuffs him and sends him in a prison van with prison officers. Once again, Evans fools the Governor as the prison van and officers are all the part of his master plan. He moves away to freedom and has the last laugh.

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