Formal Invitation and Reply

An invitation is a spoken or written request for someone's presence or participation in some special occasions or functions. Why do we invite people? We invite them to celebrate special events, to enjoy community support and to ensure their patronage and participation in various events.

There are numerous occasions in life which require invitations. For example at school we may have various functions like Annual Function, Sports Function, Prize Distribution, Independence/Republic Day Celebration, Festival Celebrations, Competitions, etc. At home we have Birthdays, House Warming, Family Get-together, Festival Celebrations, Wedding Anniversary, etc.

Invitations can be classified into two broader categories; formal and informal. A formal invitation is sent to people not always known personally and for the formal occasions. An informal invitation is sent to people whom you know personally and are very closely related. The following elements are to be included in every invitation cards or letters: 1) invitation 2) Occasion 3) Day and Date 4) Time 5) Venue 6) Programme, if specific, 7) Inviter/Inviters, 8) Contact details of Inviter, Phone/Cell number, Address, etc. Two kinds of replies are possible for an invitation; acceptance and refusal. One should take care of certain tips such as acknowledging the invitation, expressing thanks in third person, maintaining the proper tone and treatment and mentioning acceptance or refusal, etc. while writing a reply to an invitation.

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