Informal Invitation and Reply

As the name suggests, informal invitations are sent out to invite people on informal occasions such as dinner parties, housewarming parties, social gatherings, informal get-togethers etc. Informal invitations are usually sent to close friends or colleagues. As they are less formal, simple, direct, and informal language is used for writing informal invitations. We can use the first person pronouns “I” and “we” to show informality.

Informal invitations are written in a letter form. You should include all the important elements of letters in the informal invitations. In case you are writing an informal invitation to a dignitary for a special program, you should use appropriate salutation, body, subscription, signature, special notes on attachments, etc. in your letter.

It is mere good manners to reply to an invitation whether you accept the invitation or not. Just as informal invitations are written in letter form, informal replies are also written in letter form. The language used in informal replies is also informal, short and direct. When you write a reply, leave a note of ‘thanks’ for inviting you. Express your regret in case you are unable to accept the invitation.

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