Job Application

After completing your education, the next step is to look for a job. Depending on your qualification you may choose to be a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, a professor or an army officer. The next step is to submit your job application. It is a letter written in response to a job advertisement published in the media. It should include your qualification, professional experience (if any), personal details, hobbies and interests and reasons why you wish to apply for that job.

There two major contents in a Job Application; a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae

A cover letter, also referred to as a letter of application, is a document sent to prospective employers along with your resume/ CV. A cover letter introduces your resume and illustrates the enthusiasm you feel for a specific job opening. While writing a cover letter, use proper layout. Avoid punctuation and spelling mistakes. It should be specific, accurate and concise. You need to have fluency in the presentation of ideas and express them in a coherent and organised manner.

A resume or CV is a formal written document that lists an individual's education, work experience and accomplishments, often submitted with a job application. The contents of the CV includes name, address, phone number, email id, date of birth, academic , qualification , work experience , skills, languages known, achievements , references, etc.

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