On the Face of It

It is a simple play that revolves around two main characters, Mr. Lamb and a young boy, Derry. Derry suffers from deep-seated inferiority complex due to his half burnt face. Lonely and withdrawn, he avoids company since he cannot stand the ungenerous remarks of the people. One day Derry comes to Mr. Lamb’s garden. Mr. Lamb gives him a warm welcome. He does not question him about his disability. On the contrary, he instills confidence in him. Mr. Lamb has a tin leg. One of his legs was blown off in war. Despite his handicap, he looks positively towards life and has learnt to cope with his loneliness. He has found meaning in life by keeping himself fruitfully occupied.

Mr. Lamb’s company acts as an inspirational force for Derry. He tells him that he would come to meet him again. Though Derry’s mother dissuades him from going to Mr. Lamb, he goes to meet him.

Opening the garden gate, he announces his visit happily. Suddenly he hears a crashing sound. Horrified, he watches Lamb fall along with the ladder on which he had been standing. It results in his instant death. Inconsolable with tears, Derry keeps saying,” Lamey- Lamb! I did… come back.’’

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