One word Substitution

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or a group of words. It can make one’s communication clear and concise without creating any kind of ambiguity. Using one word in place of a phrase or sentence can increase the perception and improve one’s communication skills. There are numerous single words available in English language which can be substituted for a group of words or even for a sentence. They can be used effectively to make the writing to the point that too without losing the meaning of the context.

For example, the word ‘Jostle’ can be used in place of the phrase “to push roughly against someone in a crowd“. An ‘anarchist’ is the one out to subvert a government. A person who is 100 years old or more is called a ‘centenarian’. Do you know the word which can be substituted for a person who is bad tempered and uncooperative? We can use the word ‘cantankerous’ for such a person.

‘Gauche’ is one who is awkward when dealing with people and often saying or doing the wrong thing. The word ‘ignominious’ refers to something or someone that should make you feel ashamed. The word ‘importunate’ indicates asking for things many times in a way that is annoying.

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