Reading for Comprehension

The act of reading and comprehension occur almost simultaneously for the humans. Reading and Comprehension are two inseparable aspects of human life. Without comprehension reading is useless. Reading comprehension is the act of understanding what you are reading. If we go deep into the definition, it is an intentional, active, interactive process of simultaneously extracting and constructing the meaning of a particular piece of writing.

Comprehension always attends to what is written in the text, but it also depends on the reader's background experiences, purposes, feelings and the needs of the moment. That is why we read a text several times, and each time we have different insight as different people have different insights when reading the same text.

READING PASSAGES The exercise on comprehension begins with the reading of the provided passage(s). The reading passages that have been provided can be discursive, descriptive or factual. The questions that follow can be answered only through interpretation of the information that is provided in the passage. Therefore, a quick but thorough reading is must in order to understand the essence of the given text. FACTORS CONTROLLING PROCESS OF COMPREHENSION: To comprehending the meaning of a text, one may make use of the following strategies:-

Activate prior knowledge and experiences to the topic of the text one is reading. Identify the purpose of the author Decode the text; that is to identify word and sentence meanings Summarize the given text Visualize — see characters, settings, situations, ideas, and mental models

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