Should Wizard Hit Mommy

The Story, ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy?’ presents a perspective on the world from a child’s point of view. Jack enjoyed telling stories to his daughter in the evenings and Saturday afternoons. The stories were almost the same with slight variations, but they had invariably the same character called Roger. In the deep dark forest, there dwelt a tiny creature whose name was Roger Skunk. The creature smelled so awful that other creatures shunned his company. Alone and unhappy at his condition, Roger Skunk would often cry bitterly. Roger went to meet a wise old owl to narrate the tale of his woeful condition. After hearing him out, the owl advised him to see the wizard. As per the owl’s advice Roger visited a wizard and told him how all the animals ran away on seeing him due to his obnoxious smell. The wizard demanded seven pennies. Roger had only four. He burst into tears.

The wizard sent him to a magic well where he found three pennies. He took them back to the wizard. This made the wizard happy and he made the skunk smell like roses. All the animals now became his good friends. Together they played, laughed and danced. Roger’s mummy was upset with the wizard for having changed the identity of her child. In a fit of anger, she took an umbrella and hit the wizard on the head. He made Roger smell his usual self again. Throughout the story, the father wanted to teach Jo the moral lesson of the story. Unhappy with the ending of the story, she insisted on changing it. In a heightened state of expectation, she wanted her father to say that the wizard took the magic wand and hit Roger’s Mommy with it.

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