Sounds and Cries of Animals

As far as we can experience, only human beings are able to communicate with each other verbally using sounds that follow a systematically encoded and decoded symbols and patterns used by a particular linguistic community. Animals and birds have their distinct sounds. Man has given specific names to the cries of various animals and birds.

English language has a variety of words denoting the sounds of objects and the cries of animals and birds. Chimpanzees can make a number of sounds like grunt, scream, chatter, etc. and asses bray whereas a bear growls. A loud deep sound made by a bull is called ‘bellow.’ Camels and pigs make a short low sound in the throat which is known as ‘grunt’.

There are several words describing the sounds which the Birds make. Different species of birds make distinct sounds. When we consider the birds generally we can describe their cries with the words; sing, chirp, twitter, etc. The cocks crow whereas crows caw.

Pigeons or Doves make the sound called ‘coo’. Hens and chickens make the loud cackling sound and at times they make a cluck which is a series of short low sounds. The sound of larks or nightingales can be contrasted with that of hawks and Peacocks. Larks and nightingales sing whereas hawks and Peacocks scream.

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