The Enemy

Ever since he was a little child, Sadao had known that his education was his father’s chief concern. At the age of twenty-two, he was sent to America to learn surgery and medicine. Before his father’s death, he had become a reputed surgeon and a scientist. Sadao met Hana in America and got married to her.

One day, Sadao and Hana saw a man crawling on his hands and knees. He seemed to have been flung out on the shore of the sea. When they approached closer, they found the man lying motionless. Sadao noticed that a wound from a gunshot had reopened on the right side of his lower back. Dr. Sadao’s first thought was to push him back into the sea. However, when he lifted the man’s battered cap, he noticed on it the faint lettering that spelled out the words ‘U.S. Navy’. It confirmed the fact that the unconscious man was an American prisoner of war.

Dr. Sadao and Hana were confronted with a big dilemma. If they gave shelter to the white man, there was every chance of their getting arrested for treason. If they turned him over as a prisoner of war, he would surely die. Sadao eventually resolved to give shelter to the white man. The servants vehemently opposed his decision to save the life of a wounded American soldier and threatened to quit his services. Despite their vigorous protestations, Sadao stuck to his decision. Under the care of Sadao and his wife the American prisoner got recovered.

Later he helped the soldier to escape to freedom. He proved, in the end that prejudices and hatred are man-made but love, compassion for human beings was instinctive. One’s duty towards fellow human beings is greater than all other responsibilities.

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