Field Surveys

A field survey is the collection and gathering of information at the local level, by conducting primary surveys. It is an essential component of geographic enquiry. It is a basic procedure to understand the earth as a home for the humankind. Field surveys can be carried through: Observation Sketching Measurement Interviews, etc. Field surveys are required as they: Enhance the understanding about the patterns of spatial distributions, their associations and relationships at the local level Facilitate the collection of local level information, which is not available through secondary sources Study the problem under investigation in depth as per the predefined objectives Comprehend the situation and processes in totality, and at the place of their occurrence by the method of observation The most interesting part of the field survey is that it builds the link between image and reality. The field survey is initiated with well-defined procedure. One can carry out a field survey in the following stages: Defining the problem Objectives Scope Tools and Techniques Compilation and Computation Cartographic Applications, and Presentations The field study report is presented in a concise form. It should contain all the details of the procedures followed, methods, tools and techniques employed. Important elements of presentation are: Topic and subtopic of the survey Interpretation of information Analysis of information Computation with the help of tables, charts, statistical inferences and maps References, and Summary

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