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A random variable is a real valued function whose domain is the sample space of a random experiment. Trials of a random experiment are called Bernoulli trials if they satisfy the following conditions: (i) There should be a finite number of trials. (ii) The trials should be independent. (iii) Each trial has exactly two outcomes, i.e., success or failure. (iv) The probability of success remains the same in each trial. P(x) = ncxqn – xpx, where x = 0, 1, 2, ... n, is called the probability function of binomial distribution. A binomial distribution with n-Bernoulli trials and probability of success in each trial as p is denoted by B(n, p). The conditional probability of the event E given that F has already occurred, is given by P(E | F) = P(E  F)/P(F), where P(F) is not equal to 0. 0 ≤ P(E | F) ≤ 1 P(Eʹ | F) = 1 – P(E | F) P[(A  B) | F] = P(A | B) + P(B | F) – P[(A  B) | F] P(E  F) = P(F) P(E | F) = P(E) P(F | E), where P(E) and P(F) are not equal to 0. If E and F are independent events P(E  F) = P(E).P(F). Keywords: Probability Distribution of Random Variable, Expectation of Random Variable, Variance of X of Random Variable, Standard Deviation of Random Variable, Theorem of Total Probability, Bayes’ Theorem

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