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Adobe Flash, formerly called Macromedia Flash" is a software program, which is used to create TV commercials, cartoons, films, interactive web sites, graphics and video games. Flash workspace is an area where objects are placed or created to add effects and animation. Flash workspace comprises of various components such as stage, menu, tools panel, timeline and properties panel.

Tools Panel consists of many tools that help in drawing, colouring and modifying an object. Some commonly used Tools Panel controls are Oval tool, Rectangle tool, Polystar tool, Line tool etc. The Selection Tool, Sub-selection Tool and Lasso Tools are used for the purpose of selecting the objects. Selection Tool is used to select a single object or multiple objects on the stage. Sub-selection Tool is used to select the node of an object. Lasso Tool is used to select irregular shaped areas of an object. The colouring tools available in Flash are Brush Tool, Paint Bucket Tool, Ink Bottle Tool and Eraser Tool. Brush Tool can be used just like a brush on a canvas. Paint Bucket Tool is used to fill the enclosed areas of an object with colours on a single click. Ink Bottle Tool is used to change the stroke colour, width and style of lines or shape outlines. Eraser Tool is used to erase lines and fills of an object from the Stage. Text Tool is used to type text on the screen. It allows us to add text in our drawings and animations.

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