Working on to Flash

To create a new flash document, select File and choose New. The New Document window will appear. Select General panel and choose Flash Document. Click OK. To set document properties, select Modify and choose Document. The Document Properties window will open up. Set the values and click OK.

The frame by frame technique involves changing each keyframe of an animation to create a movement. A frame represents the content of the movie at one moment of time. A keyframe is a frame in the Timeline where something new appears. A symbol is a reusable object used or created in Flash. There are three types of symbols: movie clips, graphics and buttons. All symbols reside in the Library. The copies of symbols from Library are called instances. To create a symbol, draw an object and then convert it into a symbol. Tweening means going from one keyframe to another. Tweening is of two types: motion tween and shape tween. Motion tween is used to define properties such as position, size and rotation for an instance at one point in time and then those properties can be changed at another point in time. On doing this, Flash automatically creates the gradual change between the first and second point in time. When a predefined path is required for the movement of an object, then Motion Guide is used. Shape tween is used to change the shape, size, colour or location of editable objects in the movie.

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