Descriptive Composition

Description is a detailed account of certain or salient aspects, characteristics, or features of a person, place or event. Descriptive composition endeavors to produce a brilliant description for the reader. Enough information and descriptions must be assembled by the writer to give a well rounded and interesting description. The writer observes all the concrete details and through his description the reader is able to set up an image in his mind.

While writing a description, it is important to provide a topic sentence in each paragraph and ensure continuity in all the paragraphs .The description of a person must include the details about his birth, education and occupation. The focus should be on their achievements and on the qualities which make them exceptional. One must provide enough details and descriptions to enable the readers to gain a complete and vivid perception of the person.

While describing a place, do remember to give the correct information about the geographical features of the place. The description must also include the historical significance of the place along with the famous facts about the place. The description of an event must include the day and the place of the event. It must tell us about the importance of the event and give ample information about it. Always remember that it is best not to include your personal opinion while describing an event.

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