Diary Entry

All occasions leave behind some sweet and sad memories. Some share it through letters and some through emails but some do not like to share it with others. They write diaries. Diary Entry is a personal record of experiences, observations, feelings, emotions, reactions etc. written daily in a diary. It is an effective way to develop an understanding about ourselves.

A diary entry is a way to connect with our own experiences. It is a personal piece of writing which reflects a person’s thoughts about a person, an incident or a place. It helps to deal with our feelings in private and lightens the burden of our heart. When we feel that we cannot trust any person with our feelings, we pour our heart out into a diary and it provides us emotional stability.

A diary should be written in a chronological order, starting with the events that happened earlier in the day and ending with the events that took place later in the evening. A basic diary entry is always written in first person narrative. The style of a diary entry should be informal and relaxed.

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