Friendly Communications

Have you ever wondered how simple expressions of communication can establish and maintain friendly relations with others? Following are some common greetings we should be using according to the time of the day: good morning; good afternoon; good evening. Hello or hi is used as a greeting when you meet friends or colleagues. Hello (with a rising tone) is also used in answering the phone.

How to greet a person when parting for a while? We should say, goodbye; cheers; bye-bye; so long; see you (very familiar), see you tomorrow (familiar); good-night (final word before parting for the night or before going to bed), etc.

How to introduce yourself or others? Try the following greetings.

a) May I introduce you to Mr. Petk off ? (formal) b) This is Shanaya Pattinson c) Meet my friend, Mary (familiar)

When someone thanks you, how to respond to it? The following are certain expressions you can use: not at all; that’s all right; you’re welcome. However, such responses are not as common in some other languages as in English.

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