Homes and Places

‘House’ is a common word used to denote a building where we live but there are different types of houses such as a cottage, bungalow, ranch, mansion, flat, apartment, penthouse and many more. A dog is kept in a small, usually wooden shelter to sleep in, which is called, a kennel. The natural habitat of lions and tigers is called a den whereas we say a fox live on the earth. Some animals live in a natural habitat while others make their dwelling places with available materials.

A burrow is a hole or tunnel excavated into the ground by an animal to create a space suitable for habitation. But this underground dwelling place is named differently for different types of animals. A mouse lives in a hole. At the same time the dwelling place of a wolf is called a lair/ den.

Human beings are categorized differently in different societies. Their dwelling places are also named differently according to their social status. A convict is kept in - a prison. But prison is the name of the building. What is the name of the exact place where a prisoner is lodged? A prisoner lives in a cell. The dwelling place of a lunatic is called an asylum.

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