Letter - Informal

Communication is the activity of conveying information and ideas from one person to another. We can communicate using postcards, telegrams, emails and letters. Writing a letter is one of the most conventional ways of communicating. It sends across our thoughts and ideas effectively.

Letters are written messages exchanged between people. There are two types of letters: formal letters which are usually written to businessmen, editors, government officials, teachers etc. and informal letters which are usually written to friends, relatives, neighbours etc.

An informal letter adds personal touch to one’s thoughts and ideas. This type of letter is very spontaneous in manner. An informal letter format is used when you write a chatty or newsy letter to a friend or relative. The tone of an informal letter is friendly and full of feelings. Therefore, these letters are also called social letters.

Informal letters are written in a very simple manner. Learning how to write an informal letter is quite simple. These letters ask a lot of questions, show interest and enthusiasm, and imagine a lot of shared information. An informal letter gives us an opportunity to demonstrate informal language skills.

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