Notice Writing

Notices are mostly pinned or pasted on notice boards and are made to provide useful information related to lost or found, an inauguration, public interest, an event etc. The purpose of a notice is to enable us to communicate effectively. A piece of writing to draw the attention to some coming event or on matters of common interest in a community is called a notice. It is a short piece of writing which makes information simple, concise and attractive.

A notice should be visually appealing with a suitable heading and a catchy phrase. It conveys information in a very precise manner. Always remember to use capital letters for details such as names of organisations and captions while writing a notice. With the help of a notice, information is displayed publicly for others to know and follow. The entire content of a notice should be put in a box.

A notice should be brief, clear and precise in instructions. It should include the information about the reason for which it is issued, details of the event like date, location, time and contact details for more information.

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