Occupation can be defined as an activity/job/profession that serves as one's regular source of livelihood. During their life time all should take up some profession as a means of earning a living. The person who flies aeroplanes is a pilot. Whereas, the person who drives motor cars is called a driver. The term driver can be used for someone who drives any kind of vehicle. A florist is a person who sells flowers .

Stationery comprises articles that are needed for writing. These can be articles such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes. The person who sells such items like pens and pencils is called a stationer. The person who carries luggage is known as a porter. In US and UK, someone whose job is to take care of a building and be present at its entrance in order to help visitors is also called a Porter.

Sculpture is the art of forming solid objects that represent a thing, person, idea, etc. out of materials such as wood, clay, metal, or stone, or an object made in this way. The person who shapes stones into forms is known as a sculptor.

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