Picture Composition

Pictures stimulate our thoughts and motivate us to express our views and ideas on what we see. Picture composition generally develops the skill of observation in students and enhances their ability to analyze a given picture and write about it.

In order to write an effective picture composition the basic need is to understand the topic. Once you understand the topic you may express your views on the topic. It should reflect your personal experience and thoughts. The composition starts with an introduction which gives the reader some idea about your composition. The body provides further information to the reader in an elaborate and well-organized style. Finally, the conclusion tells us about the inferences drawn from the picture.

It is very important to read your composition for spelling mistakes, punctuation marks and grammatical errors. Give names to the people and places to make your composition more interesting. Do not forget to use the correct tense. It is usually safer and easier to use past tense when telling a story and present tense when describing a scene. Always remember to wind up a picture composition with some relevant observation. The last line could be the most impressive part of your composition.

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