Reading for Comprehension

Reading for comprehension is an important aspect of learning any language. Most of the vocabulary and concepts are developed through reading exercises alone. Reading comprehensions acquaint the learner with the syntaxes, structures and essential phrases commonly observed in the language.

The students are supposed to read the passage very carefully and answer the questions that are given at the end. However, certain points are to be kept in mind while answering questions.

1. The correct answer should be based on the information given in the passage.

2. Nothing extra should be added from our own knowledge.

Meaning of the words or phrases:

While writing the meanings of the phrases or words, it should be kept in mind that multiple answers with similar meanings are not to be given unless asked.


While writing the title keep in mind the following:

Try to find out the subject of the passage.

Try to find a word or phrase that will sum up the subject.

You may also look for a suitable word or phrase in the first few lines of the passage.


1. Before attempting to answer questions, carefully read the given passage at least twice or till you understand its gist.

2. The Answers should be in the same tense they are asked.

3. The answers should be brief and to the point.

4. Should be in your own simple English

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