Report writing

A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper, and needs to be clear and well-structured. Reporters write about newsworthy occurrences such as political rallies, visits of celebrities, business closings, accidents, foreign affairs, crime, education, health, sports, theatre and religions.

The main components of a report include the heading which should be catchy and attention-grabbing, the introductory paragraph which introduces the topic on which the report is written, the body which contains detailed information about the event discussed in the report followed by a conclusion which concludes the story in a logical manner. The conclusion should be convincing and must be adequate for making recommendations.

The language used while writing a report should be semi-formal, simple and appealing. The content should have factual information. It must have a specific aim to inform the readers about the relevant details of the event along with irrefutable evidences. Do not forget to mention the date, time and place of the event.

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