A speech is an expression and communication of thoughts and feelings through spoken words. It is a talk or address given to the audience. It includes three sections: an introduction that presents the topic of the speech and indicates the salient points discussed in the speech, the body that contains the main points of the speech with special focus on details and the conclusion that provides a summary of these points and lays stress on important details to make a lasting impact on the audience.

While writing a speech, it is important to maintain coherence by inter-relating the ideas and sentences and presenting them in a logical order. There must be unity and each paragraph should have one major idea conveyed in a single sentence called topic sentence. All other sentences should contain support ideas. A wide variety of words specific to the topic must be used and difficult, high sounding and bombastic words should be avoided.

The introduction should be catchy to draw the attention of the audience and also the audience should be formally addressed. The topic must develop gradually and the conclusion must carry a call for action or an appeal.

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