Suffixes are letters added to the end of a root word to change its meaning or function. E.g., hope - hopeful . The suffix ‘er’ is added to some verbs to form nouns that refer to people or things that do that particular activity. See the following example: paint – painter. ‘Hood’ is used to form nouns describing the state of being a particular thing. E.g., child – childhood

The suffix ‘-ship’ is used to denote persons as having the rank, position, skill, or relationship of the stated type. E.g., friend – friendship. The suffix ‘en’ is used to form verbs that mean to increase the stated quality. E.g., sweet – sweeten (Here the quality of being sweet is increased by using ‘en’.) The suffix ‘ful’ is used to mention the amount of something needed to fill the stated container or place. It also conveys the idea, ‘full of’. See the following example: fruit – fruitful.

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