Things Where Kept

All of us possess many personal objects such as our books, clothes, toys etc. We keep them arranged neatly in particular places which are allotted to these objects. Familiarizing oneself t with the names of particular places where things are usually stored shall enable one to improve one’s oral and written communication skills. For example, food is usually stored in the kitchen in a cupboard or small room which is known as a larder. Arms are used in battle. Where does the army store up their arms? Arms are stored in an armoury.

We have already seen the place where arms are kept. How about weapons? They are stored in an arsenal. At the same time, a building used by the armed forces in order to store military provisions, bullets and explosives is known as a magazine.

Small boats, when they are not being used, are kept in a shelter often at the edge of a river or lake. The place is called a boathouse. A small building for storing garden tools, bicycles and other equipments is called a ‘garden shed’.

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