Things Where Made

Food can be prepared in our house, in a factory or at a hotel. But if we consider the place where bread and other food items are baked, it is called a bakery. We extract coal from a coal mine and then it undergoes further processing in buildings in order to use it for production of energy. The place where a coal mine is situated with its buildings and equipments is called a colliery.

Electricity is generated by utilizing energy produced by various sources. A type of power plant where the gravitational force of fluid water is used to run a turbine connected with an electrical generator in order to produce electricity is called a hydroelectric power plant. Whereas, a type of power station that generates electricity using heat from nuclear reactions is called a nuclear power plant.

Sugar is an essential ingredient of the food prepared in our homes every day. But do you know from where we get the pearl white sugar for our daily consumption? The place where raw sugar is processed into white refined sugar is called a sugar refinery.

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