Words Denoting Collection

A collective noun denotes a collection of things taken as a whole. For example, ‘army’ is a military force that has the training and equipment to fight on land.

While mentioning about a number of soldiers we must use the word ‘army’ as in “an army of soldiers.” Similarly, ‘bale’ is a large amount of something such as hay, paper, wool, or cloth that has been tied tightly together. For example, we can say, “a bale of cotton.”

How do you name a group of musicians? “A band of musicians.” There are many terms to describe collection of flowers or fruits. One of those is the following. “A basket of flowers or fruits.” A judge is a person who is in charge of a trial in a court and decides how a person who is guilty of a crime should be punished. Some important trials are heard by more than one judge. How will you call such a group of judges? “A bench of judges.”

As you know a cloud is a grey or white mass in the sky, made up of very small floating drops of water. But we can use the word to denote of a mass of something such as dust or smoke or a large number insects that looks like a cloud as in “a cloud of locusts.”

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