Article Writing

Written work published in print or internet medium for the purpose of propagating news, academic analysis, research or debate is called ‘an article.’

The main components of an article include an attention-grabbing, thought provoking and original headline followed by an interesting introduction. Then we have the body of the article which must throw light on the topic introduced in the opening paragraph, give critical insights about it and head towards a logical conclusion. Finally, the conclusion should arouse hope and call for the readers to take action.

Article writing gives you a chance to share compelling and important information with readers. An article is like a direct conversation with the reader. It has to get attention. For an article to work, it has to be engaging enough to read all the way through. It is usually written on a well- defined- topic such as a factual account of a newsworthy event in a semi-informal and conversational style. The writer should be objective and show all sides of an issue in a well-organized manner and always remember that the best endings often link back to the starting point in some way.

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