Diary Entry

When you are happy or sad you wish to share your feelings with someone close to you. But some people find it difficult to share their feelings with others. If you are unable to share your emotions with your friends or family, you can give an outlet to your feelings through the medium of a diary.

Diary entry means pouring your feelings into a diary. It is a personal piece of writing which reflects a person’s thoughts about a person, an incident or a place. Diary entry is made so that an event and the emotions aroused on that event can be remembered for ever. The purpose of a diary entry is to keep memories alive, lighten the burden of our heart, connect to our experiences of everyday life and provide a place for our dreams and ideas to grow.

Diary entry is a personal piece of writing. Therefore, there are no set pattern rules for writing a diary, but there are some basic features which should be included in a diary entry. It should be written in the first person narrative and the language used should be colloquial and informal.

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