Noun is an important part of speech. A noun is used to name a person, place, thing or quality. There are many types of nouns that are used in the English language.

A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, place or thing. Example: Napoleon, Rome.

A Collective Noun is the name for a group of things. Example: crowd, swarm.

A Common Noun is the name common to a group of things. Example: girl, book.

An Abstract Noun is the noun of some quality, action, or state of being. Example: fear, truth.

An Uncountable Noun cannot be counted. Also, it can’t be made into a plural. Example: milk, sugar.

A Countable Noun can be counted and made into a plural. Example: chair, glass.

A Material Noun is a name of a material or a substance, or an ingredient of an alloy.

In English we can distinguish between the number of nouns with different forms for Singular (one person or thing) and Plural (more than one person or thing). Example: leaf, leaves.

A noun may also indicate the gender of a person or animal. There are four genders in English: masculine gender, feminine gender, common gender, and neuter gender.

In English language case shows the relation of a noun (or pronoun) to another word in a sentence. There are five types of noun case:

Nominative case

Objective case

Dative case

Vocative case

Possessive case

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