We know that wisdom goes beyond knowledge. It is a masterful understanding of life, the art of living, and an expertise in good decision-making. Proverbs are the gems of wisdom. It is a great truth with lots of experience and profound thinking. It is a mixture of wisdom and philosophy.

Proverbs are like the backbone of a lot of societies, as they help in identifying and dignifying a culture. Their potential value for modern life and thought is, however, still to be recognized. In many countries, proverbs are a vanishing heritage associated mostly with the rural world. This notion needs to be addressed.

Like idioms, proverbs often have a meaning that is greater than the meaning of the individual words put together, but in a different way than idioms. A proverb is a short and wise saying with a deep meaning. There are various proverbs such as ‘time and tide wait for none’ and ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ Both the proverbs carry the same meaning, but in a better way than each other.

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