Question Tags & Short Answers

Question tag is a small question at the end of a sentence.

There are two types of question tags: Positive Question Tags and Negative Question Tags.

A positive statement is followed by a negative question tag. Kevin is from Italy, isn't he? David can speak Spanish, can't he? A negative statement is followed by a positive question tag. They aren't funny, are they? He shouldn't say things like that, should he? When the verb in the main sentence is in the present simple we form the question tag with do / does. You play the guitar, don't you? Annie likes cricket, doesn't she? If the verb is in the past simple we use did. They went to the cinema, didn't they? She studied in New Zealand, didn't she? When the statement contains a word with a negative meaning, the question tag needs to be positive He hardly ever speaks, does he? They rarely eat in restaurants, do they? Short Answers are used to express agreement or disagreement. To express agreement we give affirmative answers and to express disagreement we generally give negative short answers. The formula for Affirmative short answers - Yes + pronoun + auxiliary verb The formula for Negative short answers is - No + pronoun + auxiliary verb We use Question Tags

when we want to Ask a question. when we want to confirm some information. when we want to confirm if the other person agrees to what you said. and also when you expect a desired response.

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