Rhyming words

Rhyming words are words which are similar in sound. They help the students to remember words easily. They are fun, so help them stay engaged in learning about language. Rhymes help in understanding the patterns, rhythms and structure of a language. Rhyming expose students to the rhythm of language which helps them read with some animation in their voice instead of a monotonous tone. Through rhyming, they learn to use inflection in animation when reading aloud. It also prepares them to make predictions while learning words, which is an important reading skill.

Further, rhyming is necessary to reading and spelling because it can help readers appreciate the words that share common sounds. Experience suggests that when students begin to learn reading, they are better able to make the inference, that words ‘new’ and ‘few’ are likely to be spelt the same way as the word ‘dew.’ In this manner, learning to read one word is extended to learning several more.

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