Sounds Made by Various Objects

We live in a world of sound, and different sounds mean different things. As kids, even before we spoke words or knew their meanings, we heard sounds and sort of memorized them. Our parents would consistently associate sounds to objects or actions to make us familiar with those objects. Young learners become familiar with frequently heard sounds before they understand and even say words. Imitating a sound that is associated with an object is called onomatopoeia and the sound itself is considered an onomatopoeic word.

There are some very important reasons for learning the sound-object association. It encourages the learners to attend to sounds. It also helps them understand that different sounds have different meanings. For example, pattering of rain, ringing of bells, buzzing of a telephone, etc. Learning sounds-object connection helps them experiment with producing different sounds too. Most importantly, it helps them increase their perceptual skills.

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