Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between letters and sounds. Spelling and reading accentuate one’s proficiency with language. A text written with spelling mistakes raises doubts in a reader’s mind about the identity of the writer as it is important how one’s words look.

While learning spellings of different words, learners can take care of certain things like, they can consult a dictionary to check the correct spelling of a word, when in doubt. They should visualize the word in their minds and spell it out loud. Studying the syllables of different words and pronouncing them clearly help in learning the spellings. One can also use mnemonics or memory aids learning spellings. Since, there are no fixed rules in English to guide all different types of spellings, it is advisable to use the word at every opportunity when writing or speaking. This would help in remembering the spelling as well as the pronunciation of the word for the longest time.

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