Story Writing

A story is an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. Stories cast a magic spell on all of us and have mind altering effects. Stories give us inspiration and moralistic beliefs. A picture can speak a thousand words.

Story writing is an art. A story should be brief and concise and should definitely reflect the personal experiences of the writer. The most distinctive feature of a story is to leave behind an impression on the readers. There are many different types of stories such as myths, epics, fables, folk tales, fairy tales, horror, adventure, humorous and detective stories.

The chief components of a story include its theme which forms the idea of the story and its characters who must be realistic and thinking and feeling individuals. The setting should set the backdrop and mood of the story and the plot must depict a series of events in a well-organised manner. Always remember that the scheme of events should lead to an ending which is unexpected and surprising.

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