Word Formation-Primary Derivatives

The ability to use the appropriate form of a word in a given sentence is essential for developing vocabulary knowledge and grammatically suitable language. Words can be formed by a change of the primary words as when forming nouns from adjectives or verbs, or verbs from nouns or adjectives etc.

Knowledge of derivatives is essential to productive language use. Primary derivatives are the words that are formed by making some changes to the spelling of a simple word. Learners can form nouns from verbs. Nouns ‘allowance’ can be formed from verb, ‘allow,’ ‘choice’ from ‘choose,’ and so on. Similarly, nouns like ‘frequency’ and ‘height’ are formed from adjectives ‘frequent’ and ‘high’ respectively. Also, verbs can be formed from nouns. For example, ‘endanger’ is derived from ‘danger.’ Verbs can be formed from adjectives too. For example, ‘refresh’ from ‘fresh.’

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