Environment is whatever we see in our surroundings. The word ‘environment’ is derived from a French word Environer or Environner, which means ‘neighbourhood’. All natural and man-made things present around us, are a part of our environment. It is our basic life support system and consists of both living and non-living things. Environment provides us many things. It provides us with: Air to breathe Food to eat Land to live, and Water to drink

There are three components of environment: Natural Environment Human Environment, and Human-made Environment

Natural environment has four domains:

Lithosphere: Solid portion of the earth on which we live Hydrosphere: Refers to the domain of water Atmosphere: Consists of gaseous layers that surround the earth Biosphere: Comprises of the living organisms

Also, natural environment is composed of: 1. Biotic Environment, and 2. Abiotic Environment

Biotic Environment is the world of living organisms, in which the organisms interact with each other and their abiotic environment. Ex: Plants and animals.

Abiotic Environment comprises of the non-living part existing in the environment. It includes all the elements that are necessary for the existence of an organism. Ex: solar energy, weather, climate, soil and water. Biotic environment is dependent on abiotic environment.

Atmosphere is divided into five layers: Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere, and Exosphere

The density of atmosphere varies with height. It is maximum at the sea level and decreases rapidly as we go up.

When all the biotic and abiotic components of a particular area form relationships among themselves in a sustainable way, they form an ecosystem. Ecosystem can be as big as a forest or as small as a tree.

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