Natural vegetation of the world is classified into forests, grasslands, and shrubs. Forests cover 30% of the total land area of the earth. These act as conservers of soil and are the natural habitat for wild animals. Forests around the world are classified into: Tropical Evergreen Forests Tropical Deciduous Forests Temperate Evergreen Forests Temperate Deciduous Forests Mediterranean Forests and, Coniferous Forests Tropical evergreen forests are found in the regions near the equator and close to the tropics. These forests are found in areas that receive heavy rainfall throughout the year. They never shed their leaves at the same time.

Tropical deciduous forests are found in large parts of India, South America and Central America. The trees in these forests have predominantly broad-leafed, which shed their leaves in the dry season. These forests are also known as ‘monsoon forests’.

Grasslands grow in the regions with moderate rainfall and are also formed because of deforestation. Grasslands of the world are primarily divided into tropical grasslands and temperate grasslands.

Shrubs grow in regions of low rainfall and are small, thick and covered with thick cuticles. Sometimes, leaves are modified into spines and sometimes, they may have thick and fleshy leaves to store water.

Different types of animals found in forests around the world. Animals like tigers, lions, elephants, langurs, hippopotamus, zebras, giraffes, leopards, cheetah, ostrich, etc., are found in these forests. Animals like camels, lizards, kangaroo rat, tarantula, etc., are found in areas where shrubs grow. Polar bear, seal, walruses, musk-oxen, reindeer and caribou are found in the tundra region.

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