Adobe Flash CS5.5

Adobe Flash CS4 is the industry standard software for creating rich interactive content ranging from simple animations to full-featured web applications. The white area is known as the stage where the project is developed and the objects are created or imported and displayed. Some other components of the Flash interface include Timeline, Layers, Frames, Keyframes, Toolbar and Properties Inspector.

Drawings are created with the editing tools such as the Pencil Tool, Brush Tool, Oval Tool etc. Symbols are reusable objects we store in the Library. There are three types of Symbols: a Movie Clip, a Graphic symbol, or a Button symbol. To import graphics, choose File select Import and choose Import to Stage from the menu. The Import dialog box appears. Choose an image and then click Open. Flash places the image on the Stage. Create a rectangle around the image to select the image. Choose Modify and select Group from the menu. Flash groups the image.

Layers help users organize the artwork, animation and other elements in a Flash document. When a document has multiple layers, users can draw and edit objects on one layer without affecting objects on another layer. The user can also rename a layer, lock a layer and unlock a layer. Animations can be created through tweening. There are two types of tweening - motion tween and shape tween. Motion Tween deals with moving symbols while changing their physical properties. Shape tween means transforming an object from one state into another.

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