Adjectives are words that are used to qualify or describe nouns and pronouns. The various kinds of adjectives are listed below:

1. Adjectives of quality: Adjectives that show the quality or state of the being or thing named, are called adjectives of quality

2. Adjectives of quantity: Adjectives that show how much of a thing is meant, are called adjectives of quantity.

3. Proper: Adjectives formed from proper nouns are proper adjectives.

4. Adjectives of number: Adjectives of number indicate the number or the order of a person or a thing.

5. Pronominal: Pronominal adjectives are of four kinds:- Demonstrative, possessive, interrogative, and relative.

FORMATION OF ADJECTIVES: Adjectives can be formed in the following manner.

a) From nouns: e.g. Adventure  Adventurous, Girl  Girly, etc. b) From verbs: e.g. Collect Collective, Enjoy Enjoyable, etc. c) From other adjectives: e.g. Comic  Comical, Sick  Sickly, etc.


1. POSITIVE ADJECTIVE - This is the non-comparative form and forms the base adjective.

2. COMPARATIVE DEGREE- This form is used to compare two nouns usually assisted by the word ‘than’.

3. SUPERLATIVE DEGREE- The form used to compare more than two nouns, usually preceded by the word ‘the’.


It is possible to change the degrees of comparison of adjectives, that is, from positive to comparative or superlative degree or vice versa.

E.g. Positive: Mount. Everest is tall.

Comparative: Mount. Everest is taller than all mountains. Superlative: Mount. Everest is the tallest.

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