A debate is a structured argument between two or more speakers on a particular matter, especially in a formal manner. One’s opinion should be the result of careful research and based on logic and facts. A debate helps one to improve his/ her understanding on a specific topic and thus enables him/ her to validate the verity of the matter.

Debates are generally conducted in schools, colleges, parliaments and legislative assemblies. In a manner they are an excellent way of improving spoken communication, and are particularly helpful in providing experience in developing a convincing argument. There are a few key skills that are required for debating. For instance, a speaker needs to keep in mind the manner in which he/ she should be communicating their arguments. The tone, volume, clarity and intonation in the voice are equally important skills for a speaker. Because debate can be a powerful tool to communicate one’s thoughts or opinions, it should be presented and handled only after a lot of practice.

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