At different times in one’s life, they might have slept in a cradle, a crib, a bunk bed or a cot. They might have lived in a townhouse, a cottage, a college dorm or an apartment. Just like people, animals live in different places depending on their stages of life.

There are many different types of animal homes.

Barns and Houses - Domesticated animals are the ones that live with humans.

Hives - Bees, wasps and yellow jackets make wax inside their bodies. They use the wax to build homes called hives.

Caves - Lions, tigers, bears, wolves and bats make their homes in caves. Caves that make good homes are not just found on dry land. Many animals that live in the water especially eels, like to live in underwater caves.

Burrows and Holes - Many animals dig into the ground to make their homes. Foxes, rabbits and ants all live underground.

Nests - Birds make nests to lay their eggs in. Nests can be built in the branches of a tree or on the ground, and some city birds build their nests in the nooks and crannies of buildings.

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