Occupation refers to a job, a person's role in society, often a regular activity performed for payment. It is the principal means through which people develop and express their personal identities.

It is essentially a kind of work. It is asserted that competence in the performance of tasks and occupations contributes to identity-shaping. It refers to some kind of work with which an individual becomes completely engaged. It denotes the habitual employment, profession, craft or trade of an individual. It takes up much of his time and attention. In modern connotations it means an instrument of livelihood. It is usually associated with one or the other kind of orgainsation; agriculture, industry, governmental organisation, etc. People pursue one occupation or other in order to eke out their livelihood. It has become an essential feature of the modern economic life. Life without occupation or profession of any kind is simply inconceivable today. There are occupations which provide some kind of Self-identification and satisfaction.

Ex: Professions like teaching, contracting, business, agriculture and craft or artistic occupations.

There are occupations regarded as neutral, that is, they are neither a direct threat to one’s personal identity nor a major source of identity.

Ex: The occupations of bankers, life insurance employees, high level government executives, clerks, accountants, etc.

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