Parts of speech is a term for one of the eight classes into which words are divided according to their usage. These eight parts of speech when arranged properly form all manners of speech in a sentence.

a) NOUNS: Noun is a word used to name something. It can be a person, a place, an animal, a thing, an abstract idea, quality, trait or feelings.

b) PRONOUNS: Pronouns are used to avoid repetition of nouns and to save time. There are four kinds of pronouns- pronouns as subject, pronouns as object, possessive pronouns, and reflexive pronouns.

c) ADJECTIVES: An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Adjectives may be divided into the following classes- quality, quantity, numeral, interrogative, and demonstrative.

d) PREPOSITIONS: Prepositions are words that relate the noun to another word in the sentence. Prepositions show WHERE one object is in relation to another.

e) VERBS: A verb is often defined as a word which shows action or state of being. The verb is the heart of a sentence - every sentence must have a verb. There are two types of verbs-

1. Transitive Verb: A transitive verb is a verb that requires an object.

2. Intransitive Verb: Intransitive Verb does not require an object

f) ADVERBS: An adverb is a word that modifies any part of speech other than a noun. It can modify clauses, numbers, adjectives, verbs, and even other adverbs. Its most common use is to modify a verb. There are five types of adverbs: adverb of time, adverb of degree, adverb of place, adverb of manner and adverb of frequency.

g) CONJUNCTIONS: A conjunction is a word used to connect words, phrases and clauses within a sentence and sometimes, it is used to connect one sentence to another sentence. Conjunctions are divided into three classes:

a) Coordinating conjunction b) Correlative conjunction c) Subordinating conjunction

h) INTERJECTIONS: An interjection is a word or expression that is used to express strong emotions or feelings. It is normally followed by an exclamation mark (!). Interjections express joy, grief, dismay, wonder, surprise, shock, contempt, applause, etc.

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