A speech is an expression and communication of thoughts and feelings through spoken words. It is a formal talk or address delivered to an audience. The general purpose of a speech is to inform or persuade an audience. An effective speech is memorable and makes people think. Usually, a good speech comprises a direct address, emotive language and reliable evidence in the form of quotations or statistics, to support one’s point. There are three sections of a speech: introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction presents the topic of the speech and gives a glimpse of the major points of the speech. The body of a speech contains the main points in detail. It provides information or supportive evidence to explain and support the points. The conclusion summarises the main points of the speech and emphasises on the important ones to make a lasting impact on the readers or audience.

The purpose of one’s speech should be to get the response one wants; therefore, it is advisable to try not to put too many ideas in one go, and let his/ her work piece reflect the verity of the issue and solution discussed in a simple manner.

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