Story Writing

A story is an account of actual or fabricated events. It can be anything, a funny incident of one’s school or life, or something regular occurrence that one usually shares with his/ her parents, friends. When we tell stories we are actually imagining what happens in the story. The words that we speak are connected to our senses and our hearts.

There are many types of stories, such as epics, myths, sagas, adventure, comedy, tragedy, satire, horror and folk tales. The chief purpose of a story is to entertain the readers and listeners. Some stories are imaginary stories, some are narrative poems, some of the stories comprise thrill, voyage, mystery, journey, etc. and there are some that are simply amusing.

Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a learner’s language. Students can learn a great deal from simply reading a story, as learning through stories is a natural process, and no actual teaching is involved in it.

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